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Adventures in bridal registries

We finally got off our duffs this Saturday (though May is a HECTIC month for educators, so we certainly haven't just been sitting around!) and got back in the swing of wedding planning. A key step was a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond to do our first (and main) wedding gift registry.

It was so much fun! Since BB&B's corporate policy is very gay-friendly, it was easy to register there--even in South Texas. Our very sweet registry consultant, Darlene (who looked about 12 but was probably 20) didn't even bat an eye in helping us register, and neither did anyone else in the store. I swear, gay marriage is going to be everywhere in another twenty years.

ANYWAY, we picked out china. We picked out flatware. And barware. And sheets, and towels, and oh, lordy did we pick out kitchen electrics! We took turns with the little zapper-gun thingy and managed to totally wear ourselves out by the time we finished.

The registry is online, so those of you who are curious can go take a look if you like...just go to
http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com and type in one of our names when you search for the registery.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, the great "what-will-Karen-decide-to-wear" debate rages. We are taking opinions--black suite, white suit, gown? Tell us what you think, people!

Status report

We haven't dropped off the face of the earth!  In fact, we've started planning in earnest now! 

We went to Austin and met with a photographer, Stacy Sodolak of SMS Photography.  She's incredibly friendly, enthusiastic and talented, and we've decided that she is the photographer for us.  We're looking forward to a fun-filled engagement shoot in late spring or early summer, and some beautiful wedding photos.

Emma's ordered a dress and Karen is still waging the great outfit debate, ignoring Emma's insistence that she will look beautiful even if she wears a jogging suit.  :)

In other news, we've started premarital counseling session with Dr. Jenna, our pastor here in McAllen.  She is a fantastic minister, and is guiding us on a really excellent path.  We're going to read The Five Love Languages together (it's great so far) and Dr. Jenna's says that we are a very promising (not to mention adorable...but we knew that already!) couple.

Next on the agenda...DJ, florist, and bridesmaids dresses!

Wedding Wars

After watching AE's Wedding Wars this evening, I thought I'd post a notice to everyone that it'll be on again this Saturday night on A & E at 9/8 central.  It's a smart and entertaining movie about marriage equality starring John Stamos (yeah, that's Uncle Jesse from Full House).  Watch it!


Our first planning trip!

Writing from Austin this afternoon, where we came up for the weekend for our first wedding planning visit!  We rolled in on Saturday afternoon and had a lovely visit with the owner of Austin's Inn at Pearl Street, which we both love as a potential reception site. 

This morning, we visited our ceremony site, the Congregational Church of Austin, and attended Sunday services there.  It is a beautiful space and we're very excited to have our wedding there! 

We will be keeping you all posted as more details fall into place!

Goin' to the chapel

We found a church!

The search was...not as frustrating as we anticipated. We've settled on the Congregational Church of Austin, an Open and Affirming UCC congregation, as our ceremony site.

The pastor is friendly, the space is beautiful...what's not to like?

Save the date?

So, we've tentatively picked a date: January 12, 2008.

It's the Saturday of MLK weekend, which is what we originally talked about choosing because A) 3-day weekend allows travel-time for out-of-towners and B) it will be very easy to convince family and friends to trek from the cold, snowy Northeast to warm, sunny Texas in January.

Step one, pick the date. Check.

Engagement Take 2

Emma proposes to Karen:

We came to Austin for the 10K that Karen planned to run. We were staying with Kaitlin and, plan in mind, I conspired with her for tips on pulling off my scheme. The three of us went out for dinner and I snuck the ring into my purse before we left. After dinner, I suggested that Karen and I walk up to take a look at the state capitol, which was nearby and very pretty all lit up at night. I almost hit a big road bump when Karen said she wasn't feeling great, but with some gentle nudging we convinced her. Kaitlin gracefully bowed out and we walked up the hill to the Capitol. We were able to walk right up to it and stood in the light admiring it. Then I got down on one knee and brought out the ring. She was all cute and shaky when I put it on her hand, and then we sat on a bench and cuddled for a bit before going back to Kaitlin's.

Here's a picture of the ring:
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Soon I'll get Karen to post her versions of our engagement stories. :)


Engagement Take 1

Karen beat me to it.

We've been talking about getting engaged for quite a while now, and even doing a little bit of preliminary planning/dreaming (hence, me setting up this blog) but nothing formal had taken place.

Till today.

I spent the afternoon casually flipping through a bridal magazine that I bought to amuse myself when I flew to Austin last week. Karen came in from grading papers and joined me, and we talked for a while about what we wanted for our wedding. Then she got up, went over to her dresser, got out a jewelry box, and proposed.

Of course I said yes. Yes, yes, yes!

My ring is beautiful. And now I have a counter-proposal to plan. :)

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